Top Gun was the Iconic Movie that Every kid my age at the time loved the first movie, however the New Top Gun-Maverick is the new sequel to the franchise.  We wanted to be Maverick and we wanted to be Iceman and Viper. Our Pop Culture revolved around ” I feel the Need For Speed”, “Show me some of that Pilot Shit” and other catch phrases that have lived with us for over 35 years. Naval Recruiting Went through the roof after Top Gun was released. I gather now that with all of the pilot shortages that are going on now, I feel that This will prove a valuable tool again for recruiting new pilots to different aspects of aviation, not just military.

With all of the reboots of movies such as Red Dawn , Midway, The Star Trek franchise as well as the new Firestarter movie that are now out in theaters and DVD, one has to be very skeptical on how Top Gun- Maverick Is going to be played out in theaters after such a long wait for this movie. 

This all came full circle on May 24th at 7 pm when I went to see the premiere of the movie with a friend. I was not expecting what I saw.  Tom Cruise Said that this was a “Love Letter to aviation”, well it most certainly was. The technical aspects have already been picked apart by some of the best aviators, such as Real Top Gun Pilots. Ward Carrol has already stated that the technical inaccuracies in the movie are there however, the movie was very enjoyable.

Now here are my thoughts of the movie. 

Since being an Aviation Enthusiast,  I give this movie major credit about the aerial scenes and the pains-taking detail to realism for the movie. The Aircraft in the movie ( I wont Spoil it for you) are the real stars of the show.  They gave the movie a firm base on what was to happen next. Seeing this in the theater puts a real perspective just like the Original Top Gun Did back in 1986, however we did not have the technology we do today like XD and Imax.

The plot was again in fact….plausible, however not really believable. This I will be very vague  on do to the fact that many of you have not yet seen the movie. the Turn of Events for Maverick and crew is one of struggle and strife. As I listen here to “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins, this movie reminds me of a childhood that I remember fondly. 

The Actors did a wonderful job in playing their parts. The Internal conflicts that arose in the movie were faintly similar but were not exactly the same as the original movie. Tom Cruise did do a wonderful job as well as did the other actors such as Miles Teller and Jennifer Connelly. The Story was well thought out and it gave a sense of urgency for one possible current crisis.  

This Movie was definitely not a reboot in any respects. I was very Skeptical about it and I now eat my own opinions and words about Top Gun- Maverick. It kept me on my seat and had a lot of humor to go along with the drama and seriousness. In my Eyes Tom Cruise when he said it was a love letter to Aviation, he meant it.  There were many unexpected things that happened in the movie that will surprise you, make you definitely cry and be sad. But the one thing that I got out of this movie was pure enjoyment. Some say this was better than the first Top Gun, I cannot put my own opinions on that one. You will just have to see it for yourself.

Thank you For Reading


By Dan